Victor Ardulov’s Homepage

Welcome to my personal site!

I am a Computer Science PhD candidate at University of Southern California, where I conduct my research as a member of the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab (SAIL) under the advisement of Shrikanth Narayanan.

During my time at SAIL, I have focused my research on studies of dyadic interaction where one of the interlocutors acts similar to a guide. My approaches have been grounded in a view of behavioral interactions as control-affine dynamical systems, utilizing observational data as a means to fit models which can help us better describe the individuals’ behaviors and in turn navigate the interaction towards a desired outcome. These approaches have demonstrated value in applications to domains such as truth identification in child interviews, automated psychotherapist evaluation, and differentiating behavioral disorders in children under diagnostic settings.

My interests sprang from a desire to improve equity and access to mental and behavioral health resources. I believe with correct models, data, and objectives these approaches would allow us to design therapist support tools that would allow clinical practioners to more readily adapt their therapeutic approaches to specific clients and situations, futher still reducing their own burnout.

Outside of SAIL, I had the pleasure to be a part of the team the started CalypsoAI where I got to work on developing model evaluation software and tools. My work largely focused on bringing and codifying best practices in machine-learning, and exploring various methods for incorporating measures of model testing into a product.

When I’m not working, I enjoy watching hockey, going rock-climbing, run-bike-swimming my way through a triathlon, reading books, and exploring local coffee shops and breweries.

To dive more deeply into my work, checkout the my papers. To glean some of the random project and thoughts that capture my imagination from time-to-time, checkout my blog posts. Finally a pdf version of my Curriculum Vitae